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Business Insurance

Insurance is a required expense to compete in a commercial environment.  We understand that insurance is not most employers favorite topic-  kind of like taxes. So it only makes sense to partner with an insurance agent that can work with you over the long run to reduce your insurance cost to its lowest possible cost. READ MORE

Personal Insurance

The protection of your assets and the covering of your liabilities is the primary  function of personal insurance. We can assist you with both objectives by placing your personal insurance with a solid yet flexible carrier covering your House, Autos’ Guns, boats, RVs, camps and other valuable items. READ MORE

Insurance based out of the Baton Rouge Area

Our goal is to help give you a competitive advantage through lower insurance cost. We seek to participate in your risk control activities, to build a relationship based on trust and performance and to help give you a competitive advantage through lower insurance cost.

InsureWise Can Lower Insurance Cost!

We take a long run view of risk control to assist employers with loss control activities that will produce the lowest possible insurance cost. We analyze your risk and exposures to identify issues and problems that can lead to losses/injuries. We assist safety conscious employers with the application of appropriate risk reduction techniques to prevent injuries and property loss.


The following are definitions that are used with Experience Modification Factors and Workers’ Comp Insurance policies. … read more